Transition 4.0 is a program that, from the very beginning, has the goal of enhancing the health of the herd in transition.

Limiting pathologies, preventing the onset of metabolic disorders and increasing the ingestion of dry matter are the key points of this program.

Alongside pathologies that have been known for decades, today we have to deal with a new and little-known aspect: persistent inflammation in transition.

Thanks to the work done at the Maccarese cattery, we understood that it is not related to a single pathology (eg metritis) but is probably present as the sum of several contributing causes present in the close up and post partum phase.

Correctly diagnosing inflammation, quantifying it and limiting the damage it causes is our next goal.

Matteo Boggian – MACCARESE SPA Farm Manager – illustrates the results obtained in terms of production, fertility, herd health and economic savings, with the field experience held in the Maccarese stables in collaboration with Granda Team and with the use of the CONTROFLOX solution by Granda Team.

STEP 1 = quantify the inflammatory cascade    

STEP 2 = evaluate and quantify the effects on the Dry Matter intake

STEP 3 = provide the cows in transition with the most effective remedies  

STEP 4 = manage negative effects on fertility 

Uterine and systemic inflammation influences ovarian follicular function in postpartum dairy cows Soon Hon CheongOcilon G. FilhoVictor A. Absalon-MedinaAugusto Schneider,  W. R. Butler, and Robert O. Gilbert.

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