Sanitizer powder that controls biosecurity for all animal species.






Bringing animals into the barn generates elevated pathogenic levels, high levels of ammonia and subsequently unhealthy high pH levels.

«A low pH is better for the animal skin and still has an antibacterial effec»
Jan van Wyhe-Storgaard, biochemist, Vilofoss

A pH above 12 will kill most bacteria

Hygiene powder products that kill bacteria on the basis of high pH are typically based on hydrated lime or similar products. Those raw materials have a highly alkaline pH of 12,4 which makes them capable of killing most pathogenic bacteria. The antibacterial effect is created from the corrosive effect that leads to a breakdown of the cell membrane of the bacteria and subsequently death.

Hygiene powder products with pH 12 is corrosive to animal skin

The corrosive effect does not stop with the bacteria, but also corrode and breakdown any animal skin surface that may come into contact with hygiene powder products with high pH. The results from this corrosive effect can be a severely weakened skin surface and reduced defence system. Therefore, we cannot use alkaline hygiene powder products with high pH to control and kill bacteria in resting areas, because the animals will get into contact with the powder and suffer from skin burns and increased risk of infection.

Hygiene powder products with pH below 4 are ideal for controlling bacteria in animal resting areas

Controlling and killing pathogenic bacteria can also be achieved at a pH below 4. The reason is that most pathogenic bacteria can live and survive at a pH between 4 and 12, so if the pH in the environment is pushed below or above, it is possible to create an antibacterial effect. But since animal skin itself has a natural low pH, it is not sensitive to low pH. In fact, animal skin can accept a pH down to 2 before it will become irritating. So, there is an antibacterial window between pH 2 and 4, where bacteria will suffer without damaging the animal skin. At the same time the low pH will support the skin and sebum, and increase the resistance towards bacteria and ammonia. Finally, since hygiene powder products with a pH below 4 are acidic, they are capable of neutralising alkaline products like ammonia.

Hygiene powder products with a pH of 12 or above are based on hydrated lime and they breaks-down and counteract the low pH of the skin.

Stalosan F has a pH of 3,5, which supports the low pH of the skin.

Therefore it is antibacterial but not corrosive to the skin surface of animals.

The high concentration of active substances and antimicrobial mineral acids in Stalosan F is proven to kill pathogens, neutralize ammonia, lowers the pH and keep the environment dry.

Stalosan F is made of fine particles to increase the contact surface and thereby increasing the efficacy. The fine particle size is also ensuring a high floatability and subsequently a complete coverage of treated areas.This floatability is very crucial or the effect of powder products in general, since once they are added to a surface, they will no longer be able to flow out and give a full coverage.

Lowers pH

Kills Pathogens

Neutralizes Ammonia

Advantages of Stalosan F:

A multifunctional biocide that provides ongoing protection against pathogens and harmful waste products during the full animal production cycle

Active in presence of organic materials with an effect that lasts at least for a week

The only approved biocide (or disinfectant) in ready to use powder form

Contains more than 95% active ingredients, which lower the infection level and control the negative impact from harmful waste products and elevated pH-values in the barn environment

Eliminates pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites)

Inhibits bacterial enzymes

Neutralises harmful waste products such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide

Regains a natural low pH-value in the animal environment and therefore strengthens the animal resistance towards infections

High effect with a low dosage makes it cost effective



STALOSAN F for cattle

Stalosan F is proven to be effective against many problems, both those caused by bacteria and those induced by certain parasites. Examples include mastitis, high somatic cell count, and diarrhoea. Mastitis, is a complex disease caused by pathogenic bacteria penetrating the teat channel. The disease partly destroys the milk producing tissue and reduces the milk production.

STALOSAN F for pigs

Stalosan F plays an important role in the farm biosecurity system, providing protection of animals against diseases during the whole production cycle, reducing infections and increases the overall health and profitability of the herd.

STALOSAN F for Goats and Sheeps


Aside from the expected benefits of ammonia control and a drier environment, there is particular value in using Stalosan F for the control of mastitis in milking goats.


Stalosan F has been proven effective against many problems, both when caused by bacteria and certain parasites. Examples include coccidiosis, arthritis, skin problems and flies. 

Other Stalosan’s line products


Stalosan Dry is a slightly acidic hygiene powder product that absorbs water and neutralises ammonia.

Stalosan Dry supports animal resistance and welfare.

Stalosan Dry has a soft structure that gives a high animal comfort in resting areas.

Can be combined with Stalosan F for increased antimicrobial control.


Stalosan Basic is an effective hygiene agent. The combination of low pH-value and strong desiccating properties gives Stalosan Basic a unique efficacy profile, that reduces the development of harmful substances in the animal environment and improves animal welfare.

The mineral acids in Stalosan Basic prevent the breakdown of sebum and skin and thereby protect the animals.

Stalosan Basic possesses a highly active neutralisation process that breaks down ammonia and hydrogen sulphide


Stalosan Green is a mixture of special active ingredients that imitate the well-documented effect of Stalosan F.

Stalosan Green is an alternative and unique way to improve the health status in animal production.

Lowers ammonia and hydrogen sulphide emissions

Regular addition of Stalosan Green stabilises the microbial flora and chemical balance of the litter.


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